Valve Automation


ASCO — where flow control meets pneumatics to create fluid automation solutions that maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and enable customers to fulfill their true potential. Our extensive product lines include a broad range of solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, valve manifolds, cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories. ? 

First established as an oil field supply house and manufacturer’s representative in 1929, the Bettis Company evolved into a pioneer in the valve actuation business and was integrated into the Emerson group of companies in June 1999. From actuators in the early years to the sophisticated pipeline integrity systems of today, the Bettis brand has always included cutting-edge engineering, technology, and automation innovation. Developing and supporting Bettis products — including the world’s leading electric, pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators — are Emerson experts in Houston, TX, USA, and around the world.

Bettis products provide lasting performance with a minimum of fuss. In fact, many of the early actuators remain in active service today and still require little maintenance. Customers choose the Bettis brand for almost every energy related industry including on and offshore oil and gas transmission, petrochemical, and petroleum refining. Other significant Bettis markets include chemical, power industry (including nuclear), pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, marine, and water systems.  

As always, quality remains at the heart of the Bettis product line: To provide leading valve automation solutions through excellent products and services, thus increasing our customer’s competitiveness. As one of Emerson’s signature brands, customer satisfaction complements our quality as our primary goals. 

•We are committed to comply with regulatory requirements and meet industry certifications.

•We empower our employees to initiate actions to ensure both quality and continual improvement in all that we do.

•We behave as an ethical and responsible organization in all we do.

Center Line® has been a market leader in quarter-turn valves for more than 40 years, and we have earned a reputation as a supplier of superior valves at competitive prices. Our goal is to exceed industry requirements and customer expectations.

We are committed to offering products that meet a wide range of applications and requirements. We continually improve our product line by introducing new products and enhancing existing designs, providing our customers with the best products on the market.

Our complete line of resilient seated butterfly valves provides you with the reliability you need, backed by the assurance that comes with using valves designed and produced in company-owned manufacturing facilities.    

DelTech Controls proudly presents a range of world-class flow control valves and valve automation products produced with one simple goal in mind – “Customer Benefit”. We believe that all our actions, from concept to the performance of the product, must deliver uncompromising value to the customer.

Our passion to deliver a product with the highest “PQ” or Performance Quotient is the driver of all that we do in DelTech. Our Operations in Geismar, LA, U.S.A and India, has all the resources required to design, develop and supply world-class products to any demanding application in a wide spectrum of industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical Process, Food Process, Pharmaceuticals and Water. Unique features and benefits are built into all our products which guarantee highly dependable performance consistently.”

Our Mission, to provide our customers with superior performance flow controls products that are delivered by efficient people and processes guides us in all our efforts to deliver total customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing and quality assurance processes are well knit with a robust quality management system which is compliant to ISO 9001-2000 and all our products are certified for CE and ATEX compliance. 

Our Vision to build flow control products that will be installed in all plants world-wide as preferred brand, instils untiring enthusiasm and energy in us to build new products with a higher PQ and seek new opportunities, endlessly!

EIM became part of the Valve Automation division of Emerson Process Management in 2009.  Valve Automation, Inc. within Emerson Process Management is a division that consolidates the company's vast array of valve automation products and services. The division brings together well-known industry leaders Bettis™ , El-O-Matic™, FieldQ™, Hytork™, Shafer™ , Dantorque™, and EIM™.

EIM™ has manufactured high quality valve actuators since 1949.  We introduced CONTROLINC, the first digital control system for valve actuators, in 1985. For over half a century, we have remained pioneers in product innovation and technical design improvement. 

 With its comprehensive product scope, Valve Automation is a world leader in pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and gas-hydraulic valve automation products and services. The division's focus is on providing valve automation products and services to complement Emerson's extensive capabilities in automation solutions for the process industries.

EIM is proud to have developed and patented a number of basic designs now standard to most of the actuator industry. These include:

•Open direction torque switch (protection for both open and closed travel 

•Top entry replaceable stem nut (allows easy installation and replacement) 

•Reversing starter integral to actuator switch compartment 

•Automatic declutching handwheel (for safety) 

•First 4-20 mA analog modulating controls 

•First digital network control system. 

We design and manufacture every product to exceed user expectations of superior performance and long operating life. EIM's ISO 9001 certification testifies to our high quality today and our commitment to constant improvement in the future.Known for rugged construction and long-term reliability, EIM actuators are produced by highly skilled and dedicated people at our corporate headquarters outside of Houston, Texas. 

The commitment to innovative information technology allows EIM to lead the industry in competitive application solutions and on-time delivery. EIM's success is reinforced by our extensive distributor network. Distributors provide the resources necessary to design, install and service a project that will fulfill all customer requirements. Their expertise and after-sale service are especially important in the complex world of two-wire digital control networks.

EIM users have consistently described EIM products with one word, QUALITY. The final proof is always in the performance, reliability, and long life of the valve actuator. With over 50 years of experience EIM is the expert in actuator design and manufacturing that can meet all your valve control needs today and in the future. 

Pneumatic actuators must operate in a wide variety of applications and must function the first time and every time — often in harsh environments. Successful operation in such conditions and

EL-O-Matic’s “fit and forget” ideology has helped establish a strong reputation for quality and reliable performance within the world’s process industries and industrial applications. Using modular construction with multiple common components, a wide range of combinations can be configured with high quality parts to suit applications across the whole spectrum of industrial processes. Users benefit from easy upgrades, repair, and maintenance with fast delivery from stocking distributors around the globe. 

FieldQ has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for valve automation systems with integrated control accessories and digital communications possibilities. The introduction of FieldQ provides customers with an integrated, modular, cost-effective and intelligent pneumatic valve automation package that is suitable for: 

•Hazardous areas

• Applications where position sensing and feedback are required

• Applications where there is a need for bus control and communication

•Installations requiring a small footprint 

This intelligent solution is capable of meeting the tough demands of both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where reliability and high standards of performance are critical. The highest attention to quality of design and manufacture ensures that the FieldQ can withstand extremes of temperature, harsh duty, and corrosive atmospheres.

Fisher High Performance butterfly valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability. They are available for a variety of control and isolation services from cryogenic to high temperature. They are rated for pressure classes up to ASME CL2500 and available in sizes from NPS 2 to 72. High-perfomrance butterfly valves are designed for isolation on/off service, as well as low tier control. The valves feature keyed, double D, or square valve shafts. Shutoff is provided by a variety of seals which include metal and soft seated PTFE. They are fire tested per API 607, as well as rated for Cryogenic service.


REXA actuators and drives provide customers with exceptional reliability and solid construction.Electraulic™ Technology combines the simplicity of electric operation, hydraulic power, the dependability of solid state electronics, and the flexibility of user configured controls. Our proven electro-hydraulic design includes self-contained actuator mounted hydraulics, requiring lower overall maintenance and minimal power consumption.

SVF Flow Controls is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, actuators, and controls for all industrial applications.

Emerson discrete valve control and position sensing technology provides absolute assurance in the most challenging applications by increasing process efficiency, profitability and success.

Velan is a world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset butterfly, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications. 

The proven reliability of our products and our “can do” attitude earns us the respect of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to the small job shop. Customers trust and rely on our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and customer support.  Our products are all designed, assembled, and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Paramus, New Jersey.  A second technical sales team operates in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.  Our powerful international distribution network further assures you that we will meet your needs for product specification, technical support, or circuit design.

Through our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, Versa continues to “delight” customers with the highest quality products, new designs, and exemplary customer service.  We ship 90% of our orders a week or less with 99% on time delivery performance.  And, what company other than Versa can boast a 10 year warranty?  





Our emphasis on developing and nurturing a team approach with our employees, customers, distributors, and suppliers is crucial to our success as we work to create solutions to a wide range of challenges in the industrial, valve actuation, mobile, process control, and oil/gas markets. Since our inception, we have maintained our commitment to ethical business practices and for this we are very proud.

Since starting operations in 1986, Virgo has focused on manufacture and sales of automated and manually operated quarter turn valves. Over the years Virgo has acquired several prestigious international quality certifications and approvals from major Oil and Engineering companies, becoming one of the leaders in the Ball Valve industry.

Virgo has maintained focus on "Customer First" philosophy by engineering quality products, delivering on time and providing superior service and value to customers around the world.

- State of the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA and India

- Investments in sophisticated CAD / CAM / Finite Element Packages for design and product development.

- In-house facilities for critical operations like HVOF Metal coating, cryogenic testing, fugitive emission testing, special welding processes, high pressure gas testing, fire safe testing, etc.

- Sales offices in 8 locations on 3 continents.

- Superior project order execution processes through implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) software systems.

- Engagement of local talent in company’s international network of 8 offices.

- On-the-shelf inventory of over $20 million in Houston, Oklahoma and Dubai to meet quick delivery and project top up requirements of customers.

 - Dedicated team of service engineers to provide assistance in commissioning and on-site services across the world.

Westlock Controls has a global reputation providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Our focus on technology and supplying reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards, makes us a preferred choice with the world’s leading process companies and a trusted partner developing even better solutions for the future. 

With increasing pressure to improve productivity and reduce maintenance downtime, stringent requirements are evolving within the process industry for reliable monitoring and control systems. We use emerging technologies to set next-generation standards and enhance our products’ process, maintenance and operational efficiencies. Westlock Controls products are used in all industrial area classifications from hazardous, including Explosionproof and Intrinsically Safe, to non-hazardous for full weather protection or sanitary installations. 

Zwick has over 30 years experience in design and production of valves guarantee high standard products. ZWICK valves are produced state-of-the-art. The triple offset butterfly valves are specially designed for critical services where they are used as shut off and control valves. The in-house design enables offering customized solutions for individual applications like the global Industries of Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy, Offshore and Steel. TRI-CON valves incorporate a unique third offset design with a true cone-in-cone seating and a reliable zero-leakage performance and allow bi-directional tightness.

The ZWICK self-centering disc design that is keyed to the shaft accommodates differential thermal expansions of the disc and the shaft. The triple offset geometry assures friction free running without radial loading of the seal ring and break-away torque. The TRI-CON series reaches a superior unrivaled life time cycle. For critical services a patented sealed bearing solution is offered to prevent fouling of the bearing associated with line media. ZWICK’s zero-leakage bearing design assures that no line media will migrate into bearings cavity. TRI-CON’s standard graphite packing meets all requirements of TA-Luft for fugitive emissions from the shaft and packing arrangements. All triple offset valves are certified according to Fire-Safe to API and British Standard.