About PCE

About PCE
PCE Pacific is a steadily growing, locally owned company, headquartered in Bothell, WA, north of 
Seattle.  With sales and service professionals located strategically throughout our territory, we provide 
responsive local support to serve all of our customers’ process control needs.
As an Emerson Local Business Partner, PCE is able to combine a very strong local presence and unique 
understanding of our customers’ business drivers with the global capabilities of Emerson to provide 
world class, scalable solutions to solve even the most mission critical process control challenges.
The relationship between PCE, our Team Members and our Customers is the cornerstone upon which 
our business has been built.  Every Team Member is fully accountable for the satisfaction of our 
customers, and trained and certified in our Total Customer Commitment and Think Customer processes.
Founded in 1983, PCE Pacific works tirelessly to stay true to our promise of Professionalism, 
Commitment and Expertise in all aspects of our business. 
PCE Pacific Shared Values:
Professionalism is the act of performing a job with pride, detail, energy and a true appreciation of the 
importance of the role.   Accountability, Responsiveness and Integrity are the cornerstones of 
professionalism.   Not everyone is a "professional," but everyone can approach and execute their job 
with true professionalism. 
Commitment is the act of going above and beyond to insure success.  It also conveys a sincere sense of 
urgency and long-term achievement to a task or a relationship.  Customer Commitment is the rock this 
company has been built upon, but we will also bring that level of commitment to members of our PCE 
Team and to the partner companies we represent.   Commitment is what allows us to overcome 
adversity and achieve long-term success. 
Expertise is a true knowledge and understanding of a situation, process or function.  To be successful, 
we must have solid expertise in the products, services, and solutions we provide, the operational 
processes that make PCE operate, and our customers' processes and businesses.  Expertise is what 
differentiates a mediocre vendor who "transacts business" from a true partner who "works 
collaboratively with our customers to drive mutual, long-term success."