Industrial Energy & Solutions

Industrial Energy & Solutions

PCE Pacific and Emerson Process Management maintain a group of process experts specializing in the applications of process energy ranging across all industries.  Emerson customers have a need to optimize energy costs across their plants.  PCE Pacific, with the support of Emerson Process Management, has the process and automation experts to assist in identifying areas that have the greatest opportunity for improvement, as well as the engineering expertise to implement the numerous solutions to achieve energy savings and optimization.  Emerson takes a holistic approach in implementing an overall energy project.

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Standard Boiler Package

  • Standard Combustion and BMS configurations for package boilers
  • Boiler Master for multi boiler installations

SmartProcess® Boiler – Multi-Fuel Boiler Control and Optimization

  • 10-15% increased steam from waste/biomass fuel
  • 1-3% thermal efficiency improvement

SmartProcess® Header – Steam Header Control and Coordination

  • Prevent cascade trips leading to total outages
  • Increase on-site electrical generation by 10-20%

SmartProcess® Energy – Overall Powerhouse Energy Management Solution

  • Manage overall utilities to decrease total cost 1-3%
  • Streamline operating manpower requirements and eliminate constant manual intervention
  • Precisely track energy usage and immediately identify unusual waste

SmartProcess® Flame – Burner Management System

  • Eliminate nuisance trips and simplify boiler start-up
  • Provide implementation per applicable codes

SmartProcess® Soot – Sootblowing Control and Optimization

  • Reduce quantity of steam used for cleaning
  • Improve cleaning results

SmartProcess® Generator – Steam Turbine Governor Control

  • Improve monitoring of rotating equipment
  • Provide more flexibility in control and better integration with Powerhouse

SmartProcess® Recovery – Pulp Mill Kraft Recovery Boiler Optimization

  • Increase liquor throughput by 5-15%
  • Improve thermal efficiency 1-3% and reduce fouling