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24/7 Coverage Update: COVID – 19 Response

March 17, 2020

Press Release – Bothell, WA – March 17, 2020 Pacific Northwest Area Customers & Colleagues:

For over 35 years, PCE Pacific’s mission has been to advance and sustain the industries that are the backbone of daily life. These essential industries include power generation, oil and gas, life sciences, refining, water, HVAC and many more.
The recent escalation of coronavirus (COVID-19) places even higher performance expectations on these industries to ensure our medical care teams are empowered to keep our communities healthy.
Our mission during this time stands unchanged. We are here to fully support your critical operations and your teams. The PCE Pacific leadership team has taken steps to continue to offer 24/7 coverage. Our emergency services line is always available at 1-800-321-4723.
Additionally, we keep communication open with our business partners to understand and plan equipment, parts, and service availability. Respecting your company’s expectations during this time, we offer the option to use digital conference technology to solve problems.
Please use the following link to see the steps that PCE Pacific is taking in regard to Disease Prevention, Exposure Management, and Operational Effectiveness.
As you are the silent heroes of the moment, we thank you for continuing to operate and power our communities toward healthy outcomes.
With sincere gratitude,
-Your colleagues at PCE Pacific

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