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DeltaV Helps Makes The COVID-19 Vaccine

December 15, 2020

“The science of vaccinology together with the tools of public health are the thing that is going to get us out of this.” Dr. Anthony Fauci

CBS Sunday Morning aired a story of the obstacles that must be overcome when producing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.  One of the reasons this new vaccine, based on the new mRNA technology, could be brought to market so quickly was in part due to the innovative technology of DeltaV and Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs.  Electronic Marshalling and Emerson allowed:

  • The manufacturing facility to be designed and built before the manufacturing process was fully defined
  • Flexibility to make late changes to the process for modifications or testing
  •  A design to meet regulatory compliance and validation requirements
  • Local expertise to address issues and make sure all questions were resolved quickly
Watch the entire segment here. DeltaV's Electronic Marshalling with CHARMS is shown in the manufacturing facility at 3:51.