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DeltaV™ Live

October 29, 2020

Manage your process with a modern, robust, secure and intuitive HMI

Live provides a world-class operations experience, designed for today’s high performance operator requirements. The program is a highly customizable Operator Interface that will help you achieve operational excellence with state-of-the-art graphics development and operations platforms.
DeltaVLive has direct access to all operating information and there is no additional server PC or other intermediary required to be able to operate your plant. You can use the standard operating desktop or modify it to fit your specific operational philosophies and work preferences.
Take advantage of single-click access to graphics, built-in hierarchical navigation, directories, and other applications. Using Graphics Studio, you
can easily configure displays, operator station layouts and even display
hierarchies - all without requiring complex scripting

VLive Highlights:
  • Modern built-for-purpose operations experience
  • Easily create intuitive displays, with minimal to no scripting required
  • Robust, secure, and intuitive user experience for operators and engineers
  • Integrated historical trending and constant visibility & access to most important alarms
Contact a PCE Representative or learn more about DeltaVLive and see how we can help you manage your processes.