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Achieve Nonstop Operation of High-Cycle Applications with Reliable Control Valves

December 3, 2020

Fisher Valves for High-Cycle Applications

High-cycle applications such as pressure swing adsorption and molecular sieve adsorption are very abusive on control valve assemblies. Stroking frequency exceeds 60,000 cycles per year and tight shutoff to Class V or Class VI is required to maintain industrial gas purity and efficiency. Proper selection of control valve assemblies is imperative. Fisher control valve assemblies typically consist of the control valve, an actuator, and a digital valve controller.
Incorporating Fisher control valve assemblies from Emerson into your high-cycle applications can have significant benefits:
Improved Reliability
End users have increased turnaround schedules to five years using Fisher control valve assemblies. Their long-term reliability is demonstrated by rigorous testing to more than 1,000,000 cycles and they are licensor accepted.
Improved Uptime
When you use Fisher control valve assemblies you can expect to see improvements in uptime, as they are engineered to meet high-cycle application requirements. The durability of their mechanical moving parts and soft parts is the key to long periods of operation.
Improved Purity
Higher quantities of on-specification industrial gas can be produced using Fisher control valve assemblies that maintain tight shutoff throughout their lifetime.
In addition to providing top quality, expertly engineered control valve assemblies, PCE Pacific offers application assistance, responsive replacement parts service, and training. Click the link below or reach out to a PCE Representative to learn more about you can benefit from our high-cycle solutions.

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