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Fisher Noise Reduction Trims

December 17, 2020
Fisher noise-attenuation trims are engineered to provide the necessary noise reduction for your application. There are three basic ways that noise is generated in control valves: mechanical vibration, turbulent gas flow, or cavitating liquid. Control valve noise can introduce process control issues, pose safety risks to workers, or require costly repairs to valves, pipes, other instrumentation, and surrounding equipment.
Emerson technical experts look at four techniques to reduce control valve noise: proper control valve sizing, exit jet independence, pressure management and unique flow passage design.  Each control valve trim is engineered with these critical factors in mind. In fact, Emerson has made mitigating valve noise a priority for over fifty years. 
A wide range of technologies are available such as: Whisper Trim™, Cavitrol™, DST as well Whisper Disk™ inline diffusers to mitigate noise.
These trims and diffusers combined with Fisher control valve solutions can significantly lower the effects of excessive noise.
Click the link below to learn more or reach out to a PCE Representative to find a reliable solution to your noisy applications.

Noise-Attenuation Technologies for Control Valves Brochure
Noise-Attenuation Technologies for Control Valves