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Fisher™ Control Valve Diagnostics

October 22, 2020

Avoid Unexpected Downtime with Control Valve Diagnostics

We know there’s increasing pressure to extend the time between outages–and use fewer resources to get it done. The ability to evaluate valve performance in-service allows for better turnaround planning because the information gathered can be used to plan maintenance without working on valves that are healthy.
Microprocessor-based valve instrumentation allows you to evaluate the health of a control valve assembly while it’s still in process. Receiving not just data, but alerts and recommended actions based on that data is critical to a proactive maintenance strategy that keeps your process up and running longer.
In-service diagnostics can detect problems with instrument air quality, leakage, and supply pressure restriction, and can identify control valve problems such as excessive friction, dead band, and falling out of calibration.

Learn more about diagnostic tools or contact a PCE representative to hear more about the products and services available to help you avoid downtime.