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Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve Case Study

July 26, 2021

This innovative product delivers performance gains and cost reductions

One global coal producer was battling an ongoing issue in their coal preparation plant. Their stainless steel cyclone feed knife gate valves were being prematurely destroyed by abrasive coal fines. As a result, the valves were failing in less than 12 months, the surrounding pipework was at the mercy of increased wear, and the increased demand for labor and parts was driving up production costs for the plant.

Concerned with the rising costs, the customer approached Emerson to help find a solution. After a thorough investigation, Emerson’s engineering team concluded that the wear of valve components was inevitable due to the highly abrasive medium and design of the valves used in the application. But that didn’t mean improvements couldn’t be made. The valves in use were not full bore valves, which are typically choked on the sides to improve gate support. This resulted in higher velocity and turbulence through the valves, which in turn was accelerating wear of the internal port area. Applying their deep understanding of the customer’s challenge, Emerson’s engineering team developed a tailored solution from the ground up — the Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve. This full round port valve, with superior design and material selection, correctly supported the gate and provided an extended service life even under this harsh application. The innovative design also incorporated sealing beads and flush out areas for a consistent, reliable seal. Emerson’s engineers also incorporated a patented, fully replaceable, snap-in-place polyurethane liner in the design. The liner material was engineered for improved abrasion resistance and completely covered the exposed internals preventing wear. Valves that don’t have a liner must be fully refurbished or replaced once they begin to show wear. However, with the Clarkson SU10R, the lining can simply be replaced. This gives the Clarkson SU10R an extended life and cost advantage compared to other valves.

- Clarkson SU10R Knife Gate Valve lasts more than two times longer than competitors valve.
- Provided superior reliability in highly abrasive coal fines applications.
- Reduced Total Cost of Ownership by 44%
- After 12 months of service, the valve was still in remarkably good condition. So good in fact that the valve was returned to service without any repairs being necessary.

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