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Cybersecurity Assessment

June 7, 2021

Cybersecurity Assessment Service

The consequences of a cyber attack can cause serious damage to your plant, reduce or shut down production, and even have safety and environmental implications. Use PCE Pacific's
proactive evaluation process to identify, remediate, and secure your DeltaV system from cybersecurity risks.

Emerson trained personnel will assess your Delta-V system across a wide range of cybersecurity related issues including:

  • DeltaV network segmentation
  • Existing cybersecurity policies and procedures
  •  Portable device policies (USB, etc)
  •  Level of workstation and server "hardening" efforts
  •  User access policies and procedures
  •  O/S security update policies and procedures
  •  Network physical security and perimeter protection "best practices"
  •  Data backup plans and data management procedures
Three Step Assessment:
  1. Initial field service consultation and data collection
  2.  Analysis and findings report generation
  3.  Presentation and discussion of findings with customer