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Take Control of Your Manual Valves Using the Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor

January 21, 2021

Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor

Knowing valve position is more important than ever in operating at an efficient level and keeping safety a priority for your workers in the field. Emerson’s wireless HART Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor offers you a simple, reliable communication device within your process environment, without the added expense and time that wired systems demand for installation. This allows you to monitor valve position in real time, keep technicians out of hazardous areas manually monitoring valves and can even be mounted on manual valves to advise valve position.
The Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor eliminates the need for wiring to an on/off, pneumatically actuated valve. It provides a precise wireless feedback signal to indicate equipment position within a percent of span plus on/off indication. It can be used to control and/or monitor valves, sliding-stem regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and relief valves. With basic alerts, it provides a clear indication if something needs attention, and is designed to be simple to use, compact, and easily mounted.
Learn more about the Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor or reach out to a PCE Representative to discuss the best wireless solution for your business.