Field Instrumentation

PCE Pacific’s Field Instruments division represents several best-in-class products including Rosemount Analytical, Rosemount Tank Gauging and Daniel Measurement & Control. The field instrument division has been solving difficult flow, level and analytical process control issues for its customers for 20+ years with an experienced team of sales professionals. Key markets for this division include refining, pulp and paper, power, chemical and municipal as well as newer markets such as solar, advanced aerospace and critical fluid extraction. Like all PCE Pacific divisions, the instrument group is guided by the principal of Total Customer Commitment.

Agar Corporation

Agar Corporation Inc., established in 1980, has succeeded in creating uniquely innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement and control devices for the up/down stream Oil industry and the Chemical, Food Processing, and Pharmaceutical industries.  Some of the applications for these products include interface detection, dewatering, and desalting.

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Anderson Greenwood - Instrumentation

Anderson Greenwood offers hand valves, gauge valves, manifolds, and primary isolation valves specifically designed for use in instrumentation flow and pressure measurement applications. These products meet industry standards for providing repeatable bubble-tight shutoff and long service life. The breadth of Anderson Greenwood product offering for specialized and standard installations, combined with application expertise, product quality, and availability, provides for complete instrumentation valving solutions in the oil and gas production, transportation, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries.

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Badger Meter

Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation understands that companies cannot manage what they cannot measure—and leverages more than a century of flow measurement expertise and a technology-rich portfolio to optimize customer applications worldwide.

An industry leader in both mechanical and electrical flow metering technologies, Badger Meter offers one of the broadest flow control and measurement portfolios in the industry—a portfolio that includes eight out of the ten major flow meter technologies.??

Simply put, Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation provides technology to measure and control whatever moves through a pipe or pipeline – including water, air, steam, oil, other liquids and gases. Customers can rely on Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation for application specific solutions that deliver accurate, timely and dependable flow data and control essential for product quality, cost control, safer operations, and regulatory compliance.

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Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument specializes in flow.  If you are looking for precise flow measurement of your liquid or gas with or without the ability to control, we have a solution for you.  Some of our technologies include low flow thermal mass flow meters and controllers; Low flow Coriolis meters and controllers; variable area flow meters; Pressure transducers and controllers; Magnetic Level Indicators, Vacuum transducers; and Liquid flow meters and controllers;

Ask us about our unique solution for direct liquid Injection vaporizing.

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Conmark Systems has worked aggressively to develop partnerships with domestic and international companies to provide process improvement solutions for several pulp and paper processes providing superior return on investment. Our ever growing list of solution partners currently includes  Emerson Process Management, R.E.Hodges, ScientaSenfit. Our current list of solutions include: Variability Reduction in Pulp and Paper mill areas, Liquor Analysis and Control in the Pulp mill, Causticizing and Recovery areas, Wet and Dry End controls on Paper machines and many others.

Instrumentation products include consistency transmitters, kappa analyzers, liquor analyzers, basis weight sensors, freeness measurements, web break detection and chip moisture analysis.

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Daniel Measurement and Control

Daniel is a global leader in providing fiscal flow and energy measurement products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. The Daniel name is synonymous with quality products, industry expertise and innovative engineering.

With over 80 years of experience in custody transfer and fiscal flow measurement, we understand that a small change in measurement accuracy can have a major impact on profitability. That’s why Daniel is committed to helping you measure and understand your oil and gas flows using intelligent meters with advanced diagnostics, control all key metering parameters with predictive metering systems that detect potential system failures before they happen, and sustain your metering equipment throughout its lifecycle with expert services.

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Detector Electronics Corporation, a UTC Fire and Security Company, is a global leader in industrial hazard safety solutions, providing fire detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for critical industrial applications. We design, build, test, and commission safety SIL-2 flame and gas safety systems that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems. Our flame and gas detectors are globally certified to the latest product approval standards. 

We maintain a full staff of flame detection engineers and would be happy to help with your system design and integration.

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Emerson Process Management - Remote Automation - RAS

Remote Automation Solutions is the leading global supplier delivering cutting-edge solutions at the Wellpad, Pipeline, and Terminal segments. Our complete solutions drive greater profitability, operational efficiency, and safety for Wellpads, Pipelines, Storage Terminals and Distribution Systems worldwide.

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For more than 70 years ENARDO has supplied industry with the products, services and solutions that meet the challenges of environmental and safety standards. As a pioneer in the conservation equipment industry, they have evolved to become one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vacuum relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors and detonation flame arrestors. ENARDO's equipment is critical to the safe operation of industries around the world, including loading terminals and storage tanks, and in the chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceutical, landfill, wastewater, refining, automotive, industrial production, pulp and paper processing, and oil production markets.

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Pressure type level transmitter isolation valves.  Indu-Tech valves are bubble tight and are offered in 2", 3" and 4" ANSI classes 150, 300 and 600.  The valves come with a unique, patented swirl purge system for both the process side and the transmitter side of the valve, allowing for in place transmitter calibration.  These valves have been used successfully in the most demanding applications, such as high density pulp stock, black liquor, heavy residual petroleum products, wastewater and food and beverages.  Certifications include API-607 fire testing and EPA bubble tight closure

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Marwin Valve

Marwin Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality quarter-turn ball valves and automated accessories. Marwin Valve recognizes that many applications are unique and may require specialized attention. Our creative engineering department and quality manufacturing practices enable Marwin Valve to offer the convenience of standard features with the option of customizing for a specific process. Our extensive product range includes two piece, three piece, flanged, and multiport valves. In addition, Marwin specializes in non-standard ball valves including metal-seated, cryogenic, control and special-seated valves.

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McCrometer is a global leader in providing flow measurement solutions including differential pressure (DP), electromagnetic, propeller, and variable area technologies. Its flow meter products are used in many liquid, gas and steam fluid processes in various industries: chemical, electric power, facilities, food, HVAC, irrigation, oil/gas, water and waste water.

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Micro Motion (Alaska Only)

Micro Motion, the first practical Coriolis meters, were introduced in 1977 setting a new standard for fluid measurement. Micro Motion Coriolis meters were the first to provide direct, accurate, on-line measurement of mass flow, which is critical for controlling many processes.  Since that time, world-leading Micro Motion flow and density measurement devices have set the standard for superior measurement technology. With over one million Coriolis flow and density meters installed around the world, count on us for unsurpassed application expertise and technical support.

Coriolis technology was expanded to include highly accurate on-line density, temperature and viscosity measurements for a wide variety of applications, including custody transfer. The extensive line of Micro Motion Coriolis products includes sensors for measuring hazardous and corrosive materials, high-temperature fluids and sanitary products. Micro Motion transmitters feature our latest, MVD™ (multivariable digital signal) and Smart Meter Verification (SMV) Technologies.

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Milton Roy

Complete line of chemical metering pumps. Complementary line of accessories including; pulsation dampners, calibration columns, back pressure valves, safety relief valves, variable speed drives, electronic and pneumatic capacity controls, and complete pump skids. Streaming current detector, online analyzer for chemical dosing. CENTRAC line of pumps, 100:1 turndown, pulseless output, .5% accuracy and repeatable over complete range.

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Milton Roy LMI

Milton Roy's LMI division manufacturers low flow, low pressure chemical metering pumps and accessories. Their products are offered in a variety of plastic and elastomeric materials, as well as 316SS to handle most aggressive chemicals. Pumps are available in both fixed and variable speed configurations, for controlling pH, for boiler and cooling tower corrosion and scaling control, for chlorine and fluoride injection and many other critical water and wastewater treatment applications. LMI pumps are available in flow ranges from 0 to 300 GPH and pressure ranges to 150 PSI.

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Milton Roy Williams

Milton Roy's Williams Pump division manufacturers air driven metering pumps for low flow and low to high pressure injection applications. Williams pumps are available in steel or stainless steel liquid ends and are offered as fixed or variable speed configurations for controlling processes from variable signals. The air driven pump is a great alternative where electricity is limited or unavailable or where explosive gases in the atmosphere make an air driven pump a safer choice than an electric pump.

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Laser based Level and Process measurement has become indispensable to industry by allowing continuous measurements in hazardous locations and environments that often impede the performance of more conventional non-contact technologies. The compact units can be easily mounted where needed, will automatically detect levels and regularly transmit with a user adjustable update rate of up to 5 per second. Optech systems in particular are designed for the harshest environments, are explosion proof, and have been rated for operation in hazardous locations.

The ultimate solution for industrial process challenges, Optech’s laser rangefinders exploit the unique properties of light to produce precise, reliable, and fast measurements. High update rates provide accurate measurements even when objects move or change appearance quickly, or when material levels change rapidly. “Last-pulse logic” and internal windowing software filter out false returns from temporary obstacles passing between the rangefinder and the object or material.

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PCE Pacific, Inc.

PCE Pacific, Inc. field and factory service for your installation, repair and calibration requirements.


Precision Digital

Precision Digital manufactures a wide range of digital panel and field meters for all types of process measurement and control applications.

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ProComSol, Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced, cost-effective, and reliable HART communication products for the Process Control marketplace.  Their product offering includes HART Modems and DevCom2000 application software that provide complete monitoring and configuration of your HART instruments.

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Rosemount Analytical Gas

Combustion controls division, Uniloc division and Beckman gas division. The combustion controls equipment includes oxygen and CO analysis for combustion efficiency as well as opacity analysis for EPA compliance.

Rosemount Analytical offers a complete boiler control system consisting of PC based supervisory control systems as well as field based control systems.

The oxygen analyzer (formerly Westinghouse or Hagan) is the industry leader and is rugged, simple and reliable. The CO analyzer is an in situ device employing infra-red absorption technology. The opacity monitor boasts no moving parts while using liquid crystal window technology for self test and calibration.

The Uniloc analyzer group manufactures world class pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and chlorine analyzers. This family of devices is available in two or four wire configurations, is HART smart and backed by Rosemount's 24 hour customer help service.

The Beckman gas analysis group manufactures non dispersive infra-red, paramagnetic, flame ionization, chemiluminescence as well as thermal conductivity, process gas chromatography, VOC and TOC monitors and CEM packages.

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Rosemount Analytical Liquid

Analyzers, transmitters, and sensors for the continuous on-line measurement of pH, ORP, Chlorine, Flouride, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, and Ozone.

Their sensors and analyzers are used extensively in the chemical process, food & beverage, power, mineral processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, primary metals, pulp and paper, semiconductor, textile, water and wastewater industries.

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Rosemount Flame and Gas Detection (Alaska Only)

For nearly 20 years, operators and engineers alike have made us their preferred choice.  Our products deliver rock-solid performance combined with unique functions and features that simplify their day-to-day operation, lower operating costs, and enhance overall safety coverage.  No matter how difficult the conditions, your plant and personnel can operate with the confidence that our flame and gas detection equipment will provide the protection they need.


  • Gas Detection Transmitters
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector
  • Toxic Gas Sensors
  • Combustible Gas Sensors
  • Other Fixed Gas Detectors
  • Aspirators
  • Flame Detectors
  • Air Particle Monitoring
  • Controllers

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Rosemount Tank Gauging

The Rosemount Tank Gauging System is world leading in tank management, based on the reliable and maintenance-free radar level gauges. The system can be designed for SIL 3 safety.

The Rosemount solution integrates easily with your existing network, DCS or host computer system. It features emulation possibilities of other vendors´ level devices, so independent of measurement technology, a system upgrade is easy.  A Rosemount Tank Gauging system can be based on IEC 62591 (WirelessHART), be traditionally wired, or integrate both system design types.


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Thermo Scientific

Level and density transmitters. Gamma-based point level switches; continuous level transmitters and density. Gamma-based non-intrusive pulp consistency transmitters.

Level and density transmitters and analytical analyzers. Gamma-based continuous level transmitters. Gamma-based density transmitters, gamma-based weigh scales for mass loading computations, ultrasonic Doppler flow meters, and metal/alloy and paper sheet analyzers for quality control.

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Float & tape, servo and magnetostrictive tank gauges. Inventory management and custody transfer approved systems for oil and gas applications.

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