Remote Automation Solutions

With today’s fast-paced and everchanging technology, you need the brands you can trust to deliver high quality and reliability.  You also need a supplier you can partner with to keep you up-to-date and operating efficiently.  PCE Pacific, combined with Emerson, is the team that will provide you with the right solutions to the challenges you face.

If you’re dealing with a single, remote well site or a larger well pad, PCE is right there working alongside you to not only provide the most economical solution but one that allows you to grow and adapt to future needs and challenges.  We offer a full line of flow computers and RTU, SCADA host software, wireless communications, data acquisition, and SmartProcess Oil and Gas applications to make your job easier and less complicated while providing you with tools for successful execution.

If you need integrated architecture, quantified business results, optimized production, or high visibility to field data, look no further.  PCE has tested and proven solutions to meet all your oil and gas needs.  We have the experience, dedication, and integrity to get the job done right, the first time.  If you need increased safety, improved environmental compliance, or want to extend the life cycle of the well and associated equipment, please contact us and we will share our success!


We offer: