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Rosemount™ 5708 3D Solids Scanner - Acoustic Phased-Array (Discontinued)
The Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner was discontinued on October 1, 2019.
Relevant drawings and documentation are available below.

Contact your local Emerson representative for your solid measurement needs.
Rosemount™ 5708 3D Solids Scanner - Acoustic Phased-Array (Discontinued)


Operating Temperature
-40 to 356°F (-40 to 180°C)
Communication Protocol
4-20 mA, Modbus®
Beam Angle
Area Coverage
Unlimited with more than one Rosemount 5708 in a system
Up to five years


  • 3D visualization gives silo insight for better decision making
  • Rosemount 3DMultiVision™ software helps you monitor multiple vessels on multiple sites
  • No limitation in vessel size makes measuring of inventory measurement in large storage facilities possible
  • Self-cleaning antenna will minimize maintenance time


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