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Mimic™ HYSYS Link
Mimic HYSYS Link
The Mimic HYSYS Link allows direct integration of HYSYS Dynamics models into Mimic Simulation Software and the Emerson Digital Twin, allowing those models to be used for control system development and testing, operator training, and continual improvements and OPEx initiatives.
The Mimic HYSYS Link supports Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulation projects, with a proven method to support the use of Aspen HYSYS for process design and HYSYS Dynamics


  • Movement of IO data between Mimic and DeltaV Simulate or other control systems simulators
  • Support for multiple HYSYS cases in a single machine or across multiple machines
  • Running the models and external systems at speeds other than real-time
  • Ability to create, store, and restore snapshots
  • Pause and resume the models and external systems


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