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In the Pacific Northwest, the pressure to adapt operations to new environmental standards is increasing and continuously changing. At PCE Pacific, we believe that we must all be part of the evolution to a cleaner future and understand that the transition will require significant time and resources.
As we build out the green energy industry, there will be a high demand for critical materials such as silicon for solar panels, lithium mines for batteries and copper for electric transmission and motors. To achieve ESG standards, efficient production of these elements is required and will be for a long time.
PCE’s ESG programs and products can help to produce and process energy more efficiently and in a manner that creates less greenhouse gasses. We use an effective strategy of monitors, controls, and data that can help optimize operations while balancing public health and safety priorities. Our clean, environmentally approach will help to condense project timelines, reduce fugitive emissions, and increase operational efficiency.
Evolving together as an industry is critical and we want to help you to implement, maintain and improve your new or existing ESG programs.


Concerning your operational efficiency, improving your ESG standing has only benefits to offer. You can reap them when you work towards net zero emissions and promote a low carbon message across all operations.

Achieving your ESG goals can lead to:

  • No more environmental/regulatory fines
  • Minimized equipment costs
  • Improved Safety Standards
  • Improved Social License to Operate (bad press, lawsuits)
  • Less Lost Time
  • Fewer Shutdowns
  • Improved production
  • Achieved Production Targets


The ability to identify, mitigate and track environmental issues is important, now more than ever. A lack of planning for ESG programs or poor visibility into operational procedures relating to ESG standards can lead to: 

  • Environmental and regulatory fines
  • Missed production targets
  • Shutdowns or loss of production
  • Injury and/or loss of life




We know that ensuring safe operating conditions for employees while also being good stewards of the environment is possible. Let us demonstrate to you how we can help. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in all ESG initiatives you undertake. You can count on us to stay by your side, as a trusted advisor, every step of the way.